Automated Betting


Welcome to our new Automated Betting Page.  On this page you will learn how to set up accounts and software to give you the ability to download all the tips displayed on in the format for the specified Betting Software, we are working hard on expanding our files so if you have Automated Betting Software that allows you to import bets and it is not listed here please contact us and we can look at including it for you.

So what is Automated Betting?

Automated Betting is the term given to software that allows you to select a number of bets, customise a staking plan and leave your computer on and executing those bets whilst you go about your daily activities without having to sit at your computer all day.  One of the key features of this type of betting is the ability to remove human emotion from the "banking" process and implement pre-determined staking plans, you can review the different staking plans on our staking plan website.

This type of betting can be fun and a little risky at the same time, as it is important to ensure you have stop-loss strategies in place so that your betting does not escalate out of control if you have a loosing streak.

We work closely with BetSender which is an Automatic Betting Software developed for Betfair. If you do not already use Betsender or Betfair here are the steps to get you going;

1) You need to set up a new Betfair Betting Account, do so by clicking below;

Click Here to Open your New Betfair Account

2) Download and install your Free Trial Version of Betsender by clicking here;


3) Select the Tips you would like to import from our Automated Betting Downloads page and customise your selections and staking Plans

Important WARNING!!

Using Automated betting can be very financially risky, Australian Racing Tips Pty Ltd accepts NO Responsibility for any losses incurred by downloading and using any of the selections or download files on for any betting purpose.  We provide NO warranty to the accuracy or validity of our download files or selections and you agree to our terms of service before downloading any of our files or using any of our services. We highly encourage responsible gambling at all times.