Boxed Harness Trifecta’s Pay Off

Racing Results for 19th April
In terms of number of races yesterday was one of the Biggest Race days of the year, did you have a win?

Since our recent email here are some Frequently Asked Questions;

1) What is the Any2/Duet Bet Type and where can I get access to it?

These exotic bets are available through the State Based TAB services, these include;
2) Do you have any other payment options?
Yes we also accept direct bank deposit.  If you do not have a PayPal account we also have a direct debit option where we accept subscribers under 6 monthly payments to all our services (we also offer a discount), if you would like to know more please email us at Results

Total Races Tipped - 98
No Winners in Top 4 - 66 ( 67.34% Strike Rate )
No of Duet/Any2 Dividends* - 111 - ( 67 Winning Races 68.36% Strike Rate )
No of Trifecta Dividends - 22 - ( 22.44% Strike Rate )

Tipping 98 races has it's challenges we found our second favourite yielded the best total win return with $85.90 from 98 races (remember you need to use your skills as a professional punter and not bet on every race) our average dividends were as follows:

First Tip Win Average Dividend - $3.18
Second Tip Win Average Dividend - $4.82
Third Tip Win Average Dividend - $6.47
Fourth Tip Win Average Dividend - $6.25

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Total Races Tipped - 56
No Winners in Top 4 - 40 - ( 71.43% Strike Rate )
No of Duet/Any2 Dividends* - 67 - ( 41 Winning Races 73.21 % Strike Rate )
No of Trifecta Dividends - 13 - ( 24.07% Strike Rate )

A total of 13 Trifecta's returning $1,553 with a total investment of $1,344.  Remember boxing the top 4 for a Trifecta costs $24, however you can use flexi betting which reduces your outlay.

Total Races Tipped - 73
No Winners in Top 4 - 50 - ( 68.49% Strike Rate )

No of Duet/Any2 Dividends* - 79 - ( 53 Winning Races 72.60 % Strike Rate )
No of Trifecta Dividends - 13 - ( 17.80% Strike Rate )

Due to the low return from Trifecta's with Greyhound Racing it is often difficult to get a good return on investment, therefore we recommend avoiding the Boxed Trifecta Strategy, our preference here is to aim for the Any2/Duet Dividend plays which pay three dividends if you select all three place getters.

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Please remember these are purely Computer based selections and results from EVERY race, as a professional punter you will choose to bet on some races and not on others due to many factors, these tips should simply be your starting point.

*Remember when you pick all three runners in the ANY2/Duet Pool you get paid 3 Dividends.

Remember !!!

How to Profit From Our Tips
Our Tipping program was designed to profit from Exotic Bet Types, in particular the ANY2 (QLD) and DUET (NSW,VIC).  The safest way to achieve a consistent profitable return on your investment is to box the top 4 selections for ANY2 (QLD) and DUET (NSW,VIC). Now this will not give you the big wins of outside chances but what it does is give you consistent profitable dividends, but remember these are small pools and you have to keep your investment low unless you are betting in larger pools.

Australian Races are back on Saturday 19th April, get your subscription to our Tipping websites now and start to prepare your betting strategy.
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