Geelong Race Track – History and Horse Racing Tips

Geelong Race Track is the primary regional horse racing spot in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. It is widely known to many for holding the famous annual Geelong Cup every October as well as many other races all throughout the year. It is located at 99 Breakwater Road, Breakwater, Victoria.

The Geelong Track dates back to year 1908. However, horseracing here did not start until the 1st of May 1841 when a three-race event was held at Corio. The first race in this event was a two-horse event where Juliet and its owner T. Wright triumphed. Two years after, on February 4th, 1843, another horseracing meet was held at Fyansford Inn, which is just three miles away from Geelong. The following year, the very first official yearly horse race meeting was held. Other locations used for the meets were Belmont, Lara, Birregurra, Inverleigh, Leigh Road, North Shore, Winchelsea, Moriac, Meredith, Queenscliff, Portarlington, Drysdale and Torquay.

This Track has a total circumference of 2,043 meters with a straight measurement of 400 meters and not to mention the sweeping turns.  Races held on the Geelong Race Track are done in a counter clockwise fashion, just like most of the racecourses. The Geelong Thorough Trach on the other hand is 1,850 meters in circumference and a straight measurement of 380 meters. Start distances include 1000 m, 1100 m, 1200 m, 1250 m, 1300 m, 1500 m, 1900 m, 2000 m, 2100 m and 2200 m.

The Geelong Cup was first held in 1872 at the Geelong Race Track. Since then, the Geelong Cup is traditionally being held at Geelong Race Track on the every fourth Wednesday of October of the year. After the first race event, the next meeting was conducted on the banks of the Moorabool River, at Airey’s Flat in particular.

In 1907, the Geelong Race Track as well as the Geelong Showgrounds were relocated to Breakwater Road, East Geelong, which is its current site to date. The first race meet held since the relocation was on March 1908. Following this was Geelong Racing Club’s first ever meeting, which happened on December 12th of the same year.

The Geelong Track has been subjected to a lot of upgrades since it was relocated to its current site. The most recent upgrade done to it is done to the track itself. A synthetic track, also known as the Thorough track was installed in the mid-2000's to allow races whatever the weathers is.

So what are the most current Tips for Geelong

Best Racing Tip No 1

Being  a synthetic track the Geelong Race Track is greatly advantageous during rainy days.

Best Racing Tip No 2

Our most common Horse Racing Tip for Geelong Race Track is Horse No 9, followed by Horse No 5 and Horse No 7

Best Racing Tip No 3

The most common Jockies are M ZAHRA, followed by C NEWITT and then D YENDALL

Best Racing Tip No 4

The most experienced Horses on the track are DEAR PRUDENCE, BARON and SAMSKI

*Racing Tip information has been sourced from our's internal database and does not include the entire history of the track, the Geelong Racing Tip information only includes data from races for the month of August and September.

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