Greyhound Duets – 75.63% Strike Rate

Greyhound Duets
Monday provided a great opportunity to go back to the core of how our system was built.  Back in 2005 when we were back-testing and building our system we were looking for anomalies, we wanted to find a consistent algorithm that gave us a consistent return every day.  We found it in the Duet bet type, and in particular with Greyhound Racing.  Combining your skills as a professional punter with our top 4 selections will enable you to weed out the Maiden races that have little to no past form and only bet on races that have a predictable outcome.

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The more punters across Australia we can help the more time we can commit to working on our tips, the better the return you will receive. Results

Total Races Tipped - 52
No Winners in Top 4 - 30 - ( 57.69% Strike Rate )
No of Duet/Any2 Dividends* - 38 - ( 24 Winning Races 46.15 % Strike Rate )No of Trifecta Dividends - 7 - ( 13.46% Strike Rate )

Our first selection yielded a return of $54.70 from 52 races, showing a 5% return. This was from only 14 winners, and was helped by a number of outsiders coming home, these were;

Bunbury Race 8         Won - $6.20
Gold Coast Race 6     Won - $6.50
Gold Coast Race 9     Won - $7.50

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Total Races Tipped - 34
No Winners in Top 4 - 22 - ( 64.71% Strike Rate )
No of Duet/Any2 Dividends* - 36 - ( 22 Winning Races 64.71 % Strike Rate )
No of Trifecta Dividends - 7 - ( 20.59% Strike Rate )

Monday Harness racing is never a good option, unfortunately yesterday was no exception with the favorites mostly winning throughout the evenings races.  Very few outsiders came home and therefore showed very low returns.

Total Races Tipped - 119
No Winners in Top 4 - 83 - ( 69.75% Strike Rate )
No of Duet/Any2 Dividends* - 138 - ( 90 Winning Races 75.63 % Strike Rate )
No of Trifecta Dividends - 24 - ( 20.17% Strike Rate )

Monday night greyhounds, now that's a better option.  We picked the duet in 90 of the 119 races yesterday, that's a strike rate of 75.63%. To top it off our first selection showed a total dividend payout of $118.30 from 119 races, average win dividend was $3.11.

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Please remember these are purely Computer based selections and results from EVERY race, as a professional punter you will choose to bet on some races and not on others due to many factors, these tips should simply be your starting point.

*Remember when you pick all three runners in the ANY2/Duet Pool you get paid 3 Dividends.

Remember !!!
How to Profit From Our Tips

Our Tipping program was designed to profit from Exotic Bet Types, in particular the ANY2 (QLD) and DUET (NSW,VIC).  The safest way to achieve a consistent profitable return on your investment is to box the top 4 selections for ANY2 (QLD) and DUET (NSW,VIC). Now this will not give you the big wins of outside chances but what it does is give you consistent profitable dividends, but remember these are small pools and you have to keep your investment low unless you are betting in larger pools.

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2 Responses to Greyhound Duets – 75.63% Strike Rate

  1. David Stapleton says:

    if you look through the greyhound results race by race you find that some of them are not considered as duets because there are not enough runners and unfortunately many of these contain high price winners. Therefore although your data looks good, there is little, if any, resulting profit.

    • Hi David, thanks for your comment, correct, there is no Duet Dividend when there is 7 runners or less in a race, of these results/tips if you simply boxed our top 4 greyhounds in every race that had the duet payout i.e. $6 investment per race, the total Duet return was $632 with a total investment of $582, that is a profit of $50 or 9.39%. That is assuming you bet on every single race that accepted a Duet bet, and also assuming you did no form work yourself, i.e. you invested in maidens etc. Please remember that we tipped 97 races here in one day, the more races you tip the harder it is to make and maintain a profit. Regards Jason

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