Having a Repeatable Horse Racing Winning Formula

We believe the key to winning at the races is having a regular reliable formula or methodology that will continue to provide a consistent return, with or without using racing tips. Statistical Gambling at the races gives you the best chance of making a consistent profitable return out of any of the different betting options.

Have a statistical formula that is applied to every race, every runner, every time. When selecting winning runners each bit of information (e.g. horse weight, result of last start, rating, other professional racing tips etc) that we are given has a certain percentage weighting on the possible outcome. This weighting can only accurately be determined by historically checking the provided bit of information across a large number of races. By doing this it will determine what future weighting you can use on that statistic.

The trick is not to discount any information until you have proven that it has no weighting on the possible outcome, this includes professional racing tips from all sources.

An example is as follows: Take the runners "Last Start", now this can range from anywhere from first to ninth or even did not finish. Now take as may races as you can obtain information for, as a guide you should be back testing against at least 200 races. Now see how many times the "Last Start" variable i.e. First, actually came first in those 200 races. This may give you a result of say 20 times, therefore you have a statistical probability of a "Last Start" variable providing you with a 10% win rate. Ok that is your first statistical Probability to work with.

Remember to also analyse other professional racing tips in conjunction with your own racing tips, the more consistent your approach the better and more reliable your returns will be.

If you analyze each bit of information you can then re-apply the statistics that you have gathered to achieve a greater change of picking the Winner. If used correctly professional racing tips will help you achieve a consistent return on investment if you apply a consistent approach to your horse racing, and use quality professional racing tip selections.

Author - Jason Penna

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