Horse Tips – Finding Value

We have been analysing racing data for Horse Racing, Harness Racing and Greyhound Racing since 2003 and it has been an incredible journey.  Always in search of the illusive combination of form data that will give us a consistent and reliable system of winners that provide a profitable return.  Our goal has always been to generate a system that is consistent and repeatable, our tips use a combination of past form, track conditions and the runners current standing to provide the most likely winners of the race.

Now, we know that out of all the runners in the race, the favourite will win statistically more times than any other runner, so if you want to select the winner of the race the most amount of times you should back the favourite, the problem is finding the value.  As any professional punter knows it is not about picking the winner, it is about finding the value in the market.  If you back the favourite at $1.10 and achieve an incredible 80% strike rate, you will still end up loosing 12% of your money.

It is a fine balance between odds and frequency of winning that makes a successful punter.

So where do you find value? statistically we have found that our selections are best used when we avoid the favourite, especially when you are looking at the large Trifecta payouts.

If your form work agrees with the market that the favourite will win, leave your money in your pocket and move onto the next race.

Happy Punting - Jason

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