Racing results 5th May

Total Races Tipped - 22
No. Winners in Top 4 - 15 - ( 68.18% Strike Rate )
No. of Duet/Any2 Dividends* - 18 - ( 12 Winning Races 54.55 % Strike Rate )
No. of Trifecta Dividends - 3 - ( 13.64% Strike Rate )

Monday Racing is always that little bit more difficult, we tipped 15 winners in our top 4 selections.  The best performing tips were our third selection which returned $26.80 from the 22 races, being aided by Race 4 at Grafton where CURRAGH CAILIN came home and paid $13.30, we also tipped the Trifecta in this race and it paid $671.90 (Tatts) Read More - Grafton Racing Tip.

It is interesting to note that this Trifecta alone paying $671 covered the entire days 4 boxed Trifecta bets with the total cost being 22 X $24 = $528.  We do not recommend blindly boxing our top 4 selections in every race as we cannot rely on races where we have no form data to work off such as Maidens, however consider looking to include races where we have a great form for each of the runners and a number of outsiders in our top 4 selections.  The excellent form data provides an excellent comparative basis for the runners and the outsiders provides the opportunity to add value to the dividends.


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