Returning to Profit

Our Tips are BACK!!

After many hours of testing and checking over our systems we have found that we have been able to improve our Tips CONSIDERABLY..

What a 94.12% Strike Rate!!
32 First Place out of 34 Races

You may have noticed that we were providing selections that were heavily weighted on the top two selections, with extensive back testing we are now evening out the fields probability and getting substantially better results.

Here are today's results;
(Boxing our Top 4 selections) Results provided 32 first place winners in the top 4 selections out of 34 races that is a 94.12% Strike Rate. Plus 12 Trifecta Dividend pay outs from 34 races a 35% strike rate -- Results provided 95 first place winners in the top 4 selections out of 123 races that is a 77.23% Strike Rate. Plus 42 Trifecta Dividend pay outs from 123 races a 33% strike rate. Plus 64 Any2 Dividend Pay Outs from 123 races a 50% strike rate - Results provided 26 first place winners in the top 4 selections out of 39 races, that is in-line with our 66.6% strike rate. Plus 20 Any2 Dividend pay outs from 39 races a 51% strike rate -

Now you don't have to subscribe right away, but Please all we ask is you keep an eye on our results over the next few days via the above Results Pages, and you will see we are back in action!!!!

Remember !!!

How to Profit From Our Tips
Our Tipping program was designed to profit from Exotic Bet Types, in particular the ANY2 (QLD) and DUET (NSW,VIC).  The safest way to achieve a consistent profitable return on your investment is to box the top 4 selections for ANY2 (QLD) and DUET (NSW,VIC). Now this will not give you the big wins of outside chances but what it does is give you consistent profitable dividends, but remember these are small pools and you have to keep your investment low unless you are betting in larger pools.
Looking forward to helping you have a win over the Easter Long Weekend.
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