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We have recently teamed up with an excellent software provider that is improving our selections and Automating our Profits.

BetSender is a Automatic Betting and staking plan software that now automatically imports our selections on a daily basis and allows you to select from a large number of different staking plans. We are currently trialing the Back Progressive staking plan with our selections.

Back Progressive Staking Plan

This plan aims to make Target Profit on every win and recover all previous Loss. The stake is calculated to win Total Profit + Loss. You should keep your Target Profit relatively small, around 1% of your bank, to make sure this plan will not bust your bank after a few consequent losses. Note that with this plan stakes grow very fast. To avoid very
large stakes you can set Loss Limit which we are currently set to 10. This is the maximum number of losses in the row. After this limit is exceeded, your losses will be reset to zero and cycle starts again. You can see your current number of losses in Loss Number indicator. After a win, all losses will be cleared. These plans include into a stake your Betfair commission. Max Bet Liability helps to control your stakes and keep them under a reasonable size. Even if there is big loss to recover, stakes will not exceed this limit.

Download your Free Trial of BetSender today and Automatically download today's Tips with your username and password

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