Tracking the Number of times the Favourite Wins

When it comes to punting every piece of information can be crucial in helping you have a win at the races.  One piece of information we are currently tracking is the number of times the favourite wins.  For example did you know that on Saturday the 26th April out of the 87 races that we have data for the favourite won 35.63% of the time.  So comparing that to ANZAC day racing there was 79 races and the favourite won 20 times, giving a percentage of 25.31% .  We have been tracking the data since the 1st January 2011 and since then the average time the favourite wins is 32.34% of the time.

Lets now start to consider the same principle that is used in the stockmarket and look for a trend in this information.  Let's apply a 5 day moving average to this data, what that means is that we average the last 5 days percentage of winners and apply a graph, you can see from the table below that as at the 26th April 2014 we are sitting at a 5 day moving average of 30.30% which if you look at the average if this information you will notice that this is comparatively low.  Therefore we can possibly use this information and assume that we may be moving into a few days of racing where the favourite starts to win a bit more.

Either way if you enjoy tracking numbers and statistics this is another way to keep an eye on what's happening at the track.

Did you know that on Sunday the Favourite wins 32.48% of the time

Want to know what days of the week are statistically the best for the Favourite to win!

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Percentage Favourite Wins

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